Thursday, March 25, 2021

My Sweet-tart

Look at this sweet-as-pie cutie! 

This dog has been a life changer and a life saver. We have had her almost a full year. She’s much bigger than predicted. She definitely sheds more than expected. And, this Cassie-girl goes crazy wild like clockwork every night and loves us so well. 

She is like a weighted blanket when you need her and a therapy pillow when you want to rest. 

I’m so thankful we have her during this crazy out of balance time in all our lives. Cassie brings routine, joy, mischief, and snuggles. We all take turns needing her and she was here for me today. 


  1. Love this slice of a a love letter to Cassie. And comparing her to a weighted blanket ... Perfect!

  2. I wonder often how many people have added a pet to their house in the last year. I enjoyed hearing about Cassie-girl. I especially smiled at your description of her being like a weighted blanket. For the win!


Thanks for the comment love!