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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Take a Deep Breath

All I could think is...
I don't blame anyone
It was an accident
It's okay

But tonight, a half glass of ice water spilled on my laptop because my kids got a little excited while playing in the basement and decided to kick a ball. EEk! And over it went, my ice water, all over my lap top. Both of them went running upstairs in terror, crying. They knew it was a big deal. They know I have been working on a big project and that this little act of negligence would have an impact. But I am happy to say that while that happened, and while I was calmly upset, (a tear was shed) I am typing this slice on my laptop. It seems okay. I went to both of them and tried to express that I was not mad. I was okay. It was only a computer and they are more important. But they know it was a close call. We all learned a lesson tonight. Don't kick balls in the house. Don't have a glass of water while kids are playing nearby. It's all good. Deep breaths. It's all okay.