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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Swedish Dishcloths

 I love dishtowels. Tea towels, in particular. Not all dishtowels are created equal. Some are nice and decorative. Others are fluffy and patterned. And I swear some are water repellent. I also have some stained beyond recognition of their design but still worth keeping because once in a while, someone spills tea or food coloring, and a towel is all that will do. 

Now, to be clear, I am not an anti-paper towel person. I love paper towels too. A little too much sometimes, depending on the job. For Christmas, my more sent me some Swedish Dishcloths. I had not ever used these before, nor had I even heard of them. They are amazing. Super absorbent, strong, and cute!

My mom got me camping theme towels, but they have several super adorable designs with bright colors. I was starting to think today that I'd really like to get some more. So I began searching a bit. For anyone else out there who wants to limit their paper towel usage and appreciates a good towel, you might want to try them too!

Here's the link.