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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Has This Happened Before?

I had a day.
A day I want to hold on to.
A day I don't want to forget.
A day I want to remember,
when I don't have a day like today.

Every day brings challenges. We wake up and face them head on. Some days we face them better than others. It has felt like many years have passed and I have been getting up and facing challenges. This is the essence of life. I know there were glimmers here and there of progress over the years. I know it hasn't all been bad. I know this. I also know that it has felt like a constant uphill battle with a failure in my reflection many times. We have all had those tough groups. Those kids that seem unreachable. I started the year with some hope that maybe this would be a break. A break from what has felt a bit like torture as I have felt like so many times I have faced the challenges and failed to some degree. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to sound glum. I don't want to sound whiny or naive to think it isn't always harder for someone else somewhere. However, today was more than a glimmer. Today felt like a pivot point. Today started and ended with practically everything going the way I hoped. I get up every day with hope. Today I got some payment. I did tough lessons today. Higher level thinking and pushed students to their potential. I was on fire and the kids were lighting up. Everyone smiled. No one was hurt. Everyone achieved. No one failed. It felt, for a moment like it must be a rare thing. Maybe it is rare or maybe it is a glimpse at what could somehow be my best year yet.