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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sick of the Sick

I feel like many of my posts the last few months have had to do with illness, heck, more than a few. Now it's my husband. At the beginning of the year it felt like I was never at school a full week because my children were taking turns being sick. Then the past few months I've been hit with illness on three occasions. It just seems to be making the rounds. Now it is my husband. When one of us is sick the daily duties of life get turned on their head.

Sick of the sick
the stuffy noses
the fevers
the stomach aches
the body aches
the head aches
the achy aches
life just aches

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Slice

A slice
of time
a note
a rhyme
the passage
my message
of words
like vine

I listen
I learn
but turn
and yearn
for breaks
and wakes
of waves
to churn

In night
I ask
you're swift
you pass
me by
my eye
a shine
like brass

A wish
I blew
from me
to you
the seed
it flows
on breeze
of blue

Wondering what to write about, I just started typing words and a poem started to form. Then I began to get a little more intentional and revise a bit. It is still just a rough poem, but I was thinking in rhyme this evening and it just flowed. As I go back and reread it I wonder what it all means. What is my message? What am I trying to say? What can the waves teach me? Who is passing me and why am I blowing wishes their way? One begins to wonder when there is no rhyme or reason for a poem and yet there it is. What does it say about me?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terrors of the Night

My son is nine going on ten. He has night terrors and tonight by far was the worst of them. It is like watching your most precious piece of china burst into a million pieces. Falling in every direction chaos ensues and you are helpless. There is no where to walk, you might cut your foot. The broom is on the other side of the room and you can't reach it. You become anxious wondering when you will be able to move again because you are paralyzed by shards. There is no moving from the moment. There is only chaos. Until light breaks in and you see a path. You walk it to find a clearing and all is right again, as though the china never broke. As though the moment never happened. And you begin to wonder, did it?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Day Six

I've been sick
day six today
a lot has been done
images made
writing completed
reading underway
with more to do
while the house falls apart
I walk through the piles
no one at fault
just life happening around me
energy bursts
then ceases
I guess I'll go back to sipping my Sprite.