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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sick of the Sick

I feel like many of my posts the last few months have had to do with illness, heck, more than a few. Now it's my husband. At the beginning of the year it felt like I was never at school a full week because my children were taking turns being sick. Then the past few months I've been hit with illness on three occasions. It just seems to be making the rounds. Now it is my husband. When one of us is sick the daily duties of life get turned on their head.

Sick of the sick
the stuffy noses
the fevers
the stomach aches
the body aches
the head aches
the achy aches
life just aches


  1. Oh, Betsy, I hope everyone is out of the aches and ready for some action! I'm sure that you're sick of the sick. Bring on the well bodies at your house!

  2. Sounds like the winter we had! So understand! <3


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