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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Slice

A slice
of time
a note
a rhyme
the passage
my message
of words
like vine

I listen
I learn
but turn
and yearn
for breaks
and wakes
of waves
to churn

In night
I ask
you're swift
you pass
me by
my eye
a shine
like brass

A wish
I blew
from me
to you
the seed
it flows
on breeze
of blue

Wondering what to write about, I just started typing words and a poem started to form. Then I began to get a little more intentional and revise a bit. It is still just a rough poem, but I was thinking in rhyme this evening and it just flowed. As I go back and reread it I wonder what it all means. What is my message? What am I trying to say? What can the waves teach me? Who is passing me and why am I blowing wishes their way? One begins to wonder when there is no rhyme or reason for a poem and yet there it is. What does it say about me?

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  1. You seek. You reflect. You observe. I loved the poem and wondered if there might be some connection to Stacy's poem.


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