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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

I went to Pennsylvania this past weekend for a workshop, which I will blog about in depth sometime in November for Two Writing Teachers. It was an amazing trip, made even better when I sat down with Lindsay Barrett George, Lucy Staugler and Lori Nichols (new friends)! We decided to go to dinner at a place called The Halfway House. It had a worn but cozy interior and we sat down. Moments later we were greeted by Suzie, our waitress.

"How ya doin' tonight? Did you see the specials? Here's the board, I'll leave it right here." Okay, so this might not seem odd, but she propped the specials board up on the table next to us, where people were in the middle of eating. However, they didn't seem to mind one bit.

We continued our conversation and took a look at the specials. We also found out that Suzie is not a fan of the clam chowder and that it was at the bottom of the barrel, so "stay away from that one."
It continued on. She relayed that it is a dangerous time of year to be on the roads because everyone is looking at the beautiful colors and she often finds that she is in the wrong lane.

Then we wanted our picture taken, with Suzie. Which meant that Vera's assistance was needed, another waitress in the restaurant. Vera came over, holding Lucy's phone backwards, squinting, looking it all over, "Well, what do I do with this?" Suzie gave her step-by-step directions on how to hold the camera phone. Vera followed along and began to take a picture of Suzie, Lindsay and Lucy. However, Lori and I were not in the picture.
Suzie said, "Uh, Vera, they want everybody in there!"
To which Vera said, "Well I got three of you!"

Vera, eventually, did get us all in the picture. However, it was after practically sitting in the lap of the person next to us.