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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It Comes to You

I was talking with a colleague today about SOLSC. We were talking about how it is exciting, how to prepare, how you can't really prepare, that it is scary but then it isn't and it is hands down an amazing experience.
I was thinking back to my first SOLSC. What I remember is finding my stories. I remember not having any idea what I was going to write about most days but the stories just came to me. This got easier as the month went on because the stories appeared. I noticed more. I took things in and breathed them deeper.

You start to see a story in everything you do, everywhere you go and everyone you meet.

I have been nervous about this time around. I think because I have been writing so much more I am afraid my writing well might dry up. I was reassured today by a friend that those stories will come to me, the way they always have.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Pop of Adrenaline

Pops of adrenaline
paused in a moment
of panic
my petals fall
in an impossible pattern
of dramatic play
punctuated power
pouring pressure
to prevail
piercing silence
as my ears split
my eyes closed
my packed body
to pry my shoulders open
as I rise
I am alive.

I had a surreal moment today. A school shooting training. It was so many things but mostly empowering. The only way I knew how to write about such a moment was to write a poem that took all my emotions and put them into one place. I thought about so many horrifying scenarios today. I practiced horrifying scenarios today. None of which I want to encounter. No one should ever have to, but too many have.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Isn't it Amazing?

I had a moment today. I recently got a new student. She is significantly behind in all academic areas but as sweet as they come. She is impulsive and irresponsible but she is a great hugger. She walked in my classroom and felt a bit defeated but left today feeling like a reader. I'm not sure how much reading instruction she has had, I have received very little information to help me determine this. But today she said, "I can't wait to tell my mom I can read now!"

That was the first moment.

Then came writing workshop. I have been doing lessons on the craft of writing and what authors do to bring interest to the work. This little girl was distracted, moving around the room and dis-engaged. She sat down to write. Unless I was right next to her, no words or pictures on the page. She had a nice oral story about missing a friend so I thought maybe we had something. Then she drew a couple of people, a deer (her "pet") and a rainbow of sorts. Her story was "Play Play Play, jus four JOB!" (Yes, that is 'jus' and yes she told me that four was the number four, though it wasn't spelled that way).
I asked her to explain. She said, "Well that is my pet deer and my friend Blake. I am here. I am sad because I miss him."
I asked, "Can you tell me what 'jus' means?"
Her response, "jus is a Spanish word for job. Do you like it?"
I gave her a squeeze and told her I was proud of her effort. Inside I was cringing a bit. But then she pointed something out.
"Did you see job? I made it big and bold!"
Well, yes she did. One of the items on our anchor chart that day. Hmmm, maybe she's got more to come. I can hope. I can also hope that soon she exclaims excitement about being a writer too.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have You Asked a Friend?

Well, I did it. Yesterday I sent Stacey's post to my entire staff. I hope they read it. I hope they realize there is a writer inside of them. So far I have only heard crickets and one, "you wish." But I think the wisher may come around, crossing my fingers.
What do I wish? Well, I wish everyone could experience what I experience when I write. How I have evolved as a result of being a writer and reader of other's writing. Cross your fingers with me that some closet writers get on board and experience this evolution as well.
Have you invited a friend to slice? I hope you will.
I remember encouraging my friend Robin of Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders to join. She jumped in, all in and I have seen her grow as a result. Not only as a writer but it has brought us closer as friends. It is so nice to experience this challenge with someone else, even better when they are down the hall from you at work and you can say things like, "Did you read Linda's post today?" or "Did you see the comment from Elsie?" I also remember how excited we would get when Stacey or Ruth would post a comment to our blogs, a moment when we felt a little bit famous. :)