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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


As I write this I am standing in my classroom. I walked out right after school on our last day, June 18th. I had to get to a conference in Indiana and my classroom would have to wait.  When I returned I was pleasantly surprised with my daily progress while packing up. I came across a few pictures, reminders and little notes students had written me this year. I held back a few tears. I finally feel done with the year. I finally feel good about what I gave these kids over the past two years. It was tough to say goodbye, but I know they are ready for next year. I'm sorry to see them all split into different classrooms; they were such a little family. I look forward to a new crop in the fall. A crew of kindergartners itching to be writers, readers, scientists, mathematicians and historians. I look forward to being that first teacher to some who haven't been to preschool. But most of all, I look forward to teaching my new students how to be kind, gracious and caring to one another. I love being a part of growing kids who love learning but also who love each other.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


At dismissal today we all sat in a line waiting for the buses to pull up. I looked at the row of students. Over half of them were reading while they waited. It gave me a bit of joy at the end of a long day to see them reading. A time when they don't really have to read. They just wanted to.

Yesterday, one of my students said to me, "Mrs. Hubbard, feel my backpack!" I get this a lot being a first grade teacher. Kids are always wanting me to feel how heavy or light their bags are. I lifted her bag and almost dropped it to the floor.
"Kaylee, what on earth do you have in here, rocks?"
"NOoo! Look inside!" she said with a grin the size of her head!

I opened her backpack, mind you a little afraid. It was really heavy. Inside were at least a dozen books. She started laughing like she couldn't get the giggles out fast enough.
"I told you it wasn't rocks!"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These Kids

Through scrapes and bruises
I hugged you through
I wiped away tears
You nestled into
my arms full of hope
for your future
I blink
It's brighter and bigger
than you'll ever think
I'll watch you continue
side by side
hand in hand
as you make me proud
that you took a stand
and stayed by each other
like brothers and sisters
a family forever
it's you
I'll remember.

I have been feeling a bit melancholy this week. I am realizing I have little time left with my kiddos and it makes me a bit sad. I've done everything I can do. More than anything else I hope they are better people that will stick by each other forever. I've had them for two years, all of them, with a few new ones here and there. We've grown so close and I will always know how they are doing since they are in the same class of students as my daughter. I will be able to watch them all grow and change. I tell them this. I will be watching. I will be checking to make sure they keep their promise to stand by each other for the rest of their life, (a bit dramatic, but they're six so a bit of drama is necessary).