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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


As I write this I am standing in my classroom. I walked out right after school on our last day, June 18th. I had to get to a conference in Indiana and my classroom would have to wait.  When I returned I was pleasantly surprised with my daily progress while packing up. I came across a few pictures, reminders and little notes students had written me this year. I held back a few tears. I finally feel done with the year. I finally feel good about what I gave these kids over the past two years. It was tough to say goodbye, but I know they are ready for next year. I'm sorry to see them all split into different classrooms; they were such a little family. I look forward to a new crop in the fall. A crew of kindergartners itching to be writers, readers, scientists, mathematicians and historians. I look forward to being that first teacher to some who haven't been to preschool. But most of all, I look forward to teaching my new students how to be kind, gracious and caring to one another. I love being a part of growing kids who love learning but also who love each other.


  1. The end of the year can be so bittersweet, especially with a class you've had for multiple years. But for every door that closes, a new one opens. That's why the beginning of the year is such a magical time for us teachers.

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  2. The end of the year can be almost as exciting as the beginning of a new one! I always loved realizing how far they'd come as I examined old papers that got stuffed into corners of places I didn't know existed...

  3. "I finally feel good about what I gave these kids."
    Bravo. Lucky them.

    "A crew of kindergartners itching to be writers, readers, scientists, mathematicians and historians."
    Who could ask for more. Lucky you!

  4. It is interesting that we start looking to the next year nearly as soon as the last batch 'moves up'. (Maybe it is because the end of the year can be so drawn out and we have had time to reflect.) My little one is now a kindergartner (and we have to practice calling it that for all of you people in the States who will wonder what she is talking about if she says she is now in KG2). Enjoy the rejuvenation of summer.

  5. I keep losing my comments! Love the way you talked about the bitter, then the sweet-hard to say goodbye, but happy to look forward to who's next. Special ways of being a teacher, especially helping with kindness. Happy Summer, too!

  6. Your last sentence says is all! Special teacher inspires all the wonderful sprouts that then keep on growing in the right direction.

  7. Very lovely! It can be hard to say good-bye, but there is excitement in saying hello!

  8. I love the idea of growing kids. I think it is always so hard to say goodbye but I also love the excitement of a new group of students...I guess that is the definition of bittersweet.


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