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Monday, April 22, 2013

I Think in Poems

Two Writing Teachers
Go get some inspiration.

I almost always get ideas when I am in the car for slices, poems, school work, student next steps all those things that swirl in our heads. Maybe it is the scenary. I have a beautiful drive. Maybe it is me trying to block out the, "he's touching me...she's poking me" that is inevitable in my tiny Matrix.

My point. I realized today that when I am in writing mode I begin to think in poems. I was asked what I was thinking the other day and I wrote what I was was a poem. Unintentional. I am now writing poems without intention, hmmm, I think that might be the best kind.
People (not a lot mind you), in the blog world have said, "you should publish your poems." I can't say I have no desire to do this but my poems are for me and obviously the people I share them with here. However the idea of publishing is sort of exotic isn't it? It is like that thing that you can't touch because it might go extinct or get damaged if you mess with it. I wonder if I got published if I would feel my poems like I feel them when I just write them for me. I wonder.
Then as I pondered this thought, I wondered, what would the name of my book be? Immediate answer, I THINK IN POEMS. I love the title of my non-existent book. It is me.
Then I realized that every title has to have a poem that goes with it, well, at least I think it should.
So, I wrote two versions of my title poem.

I think in poems
They swirl
They spring
I think in poems
Words brought
Words bring
A sense of wonder
Will, I weep
I think in poems
In slumber deep

I think in poems
In slumber deep
I think in poems
They swirl
And bring
A sense of wonder
I weep
I think in poems
Words to keep.

I kind of think there is a better version somewhere out there that combines these two sets of words in a better way. But for now, this is what I got. Happy poetry month. 

We have had so much rain I haven't been able to chalk. Maybe this week...fingers crossed. However, I do hope you will chalk a poem with me on April 30th here and link it so others may enjoy your CHALK-A-BRATION too.
What, what did you say, you want to know what CHALK-A-BRATION here!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sixty Degrees and A Little Chalk

Every year on the first school day of 60 degree weather following winter I take coatless kids outside to play with chalk and bubbles. Literally, we stop what we are doing, I announce it is 60 degrees, kids cheer, I cheer and we pack up the equipment and go. It is always a blast and I always look forward to that day. Seeing the faces of so many happy bubble popping, blowing, chalking happiness.

I would like to invite all you slicers out there to join me and my students on April 30th for the second year of Chalk-A-Bration. It is an event anyone can join as long as there is chalk involved. Chalk a poem, drawing, anything appropriate and link it here at Teaching Young Writers! For more info see last years post with the details here! I hope to see you there and your chalky love. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Summer Dream

After a week off I am now dreaming about summer. I care deeply about my students and enjoy watching them bloom in the springtime but I am really looking forward to the mental break. Every time I am in a summer dream this is what I picture. It is so calm. So clear. So peaceful. I am dreaming of serenity today. 
Sunlight fades into
warm shadows.
My fingers dance in earth’s lake laced breath
as sand mists against my legs
and I sink in the endless dune.
In a squint
my smile breathes
as the orange pink light waves to me.
A moment.
I pause and watch the last sliver slip
and darkness takes the day.
There, I crouch
at my altar
laying vows
committed to myself.

Thank you Stacey for acknowledging me in the call for slices today.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meant to...

Today was a day full of "meant to do,." I meant to pull the kite out from the basement and attach the kite string...
but didn't.
I meant to clean the bathroom...
I meant to pick up sticks in the yard...
still sticky.
I meant to fold laundry...
watch out, it might fall on you.
I meant to sweep the kitchen floor...
please call before coming over. :)

However, I did download some trumpet and piano music to practice over break, because that is a "meant to be" and "needs to happen."
I did help both of my kids go through all their books on their shelves and fill it in with fresh ones.
We got my son's room "vacuum ready" as we call it...that means no Legos are in harms way. My daughter's room is not quite there. Pretty sure their is a My Little Pony crown or Strawberry Shortcake shoe that is in jeopardy.
I did slice today, in fact right now, and I wasn't sure it would happen...seeing as I had all those things above to do. However, they really don't seem important at this very moment, so onward I go!