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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sixty Degrees and A Little Chalk

Every year on the first school day of 60 degree weather following winter I take coatless kids outside to play with chalk and bubbles. Literally, we stop what we are doing, I announce it is 60 degrees, kids cheer, I cheer and we pack up the equipment and go. It is always a blast and I always look forward to that day. Seeing the faces of so many happy bubble popping, blowing, chalking happiness.

I would like to invite all you slicers out there to join me and my students on April 30th for the second year of Chalk-A-Bration. It is an event anyone can join as long as there is chalk involved. Chalk a poem, drawing, anything appropriate and link it here at Teaching Young Writers! For more info see last years post with the details here! I hope to see you there and your chalky love. :)


  1. Yay! Chalk-A-Bration is back! I'm looking forward to it and know my students and my own children will enjoy it. Love the pictures from your celebration!

  2. How fun to celebrate the first sixty degree day! You do have an affinity to sidewalks and chalk.


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