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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meant to...

Today was a day full of "meant to do,." I meant to pull the kite out from the basement and attach the kite string...
but didn't.
I meant to clean the bathroom...
I meant to pick up sticks in the yard...
still sticky.
I meant to fold laundry...
watch out, it might fall on you.
I meant to sweep the kitchen floor...
please call before coming over. :)

However, I did download some trumpet and piano music to practice over break, because that is a "meant to be" and "needs to happen."
I did help both of my kids go through all their books on their shelves and fill it in with fresh ones.
We got my son's room "vacuum ready" as we call it...that means no Legos are in harms way. My daughter's room is not quite there. Pretty sure their is a My Little Pony crown or Strawberry Shortcake shoe that is in jeopardy.
I did slice today, in fact right now, and I wasn't sure it would happen...seeing as I had all those things above to do. However, they really don't seem important at this very moment, so onward I go!


  1. Yes, let's celebrate what we HAVE accomplished! I didn't know if I would post today or not. Yay for us! (And onward, is about right...)

  2. Yesterday was my "I meant to day." Today I got a few more things accomplished. You still seemed to accomplish so much. If you are on spring break, enjoy this week!

  3. Some days are just like that. I didn't do dishes, clean the kitchen or make my kids take a bath. I did go to the library and I did get in a lot of writing time which was needed and necessary. Best part? I intend to do more of the same tomorrow!

  4. That's right - there is always tomorrow! We always seem to over plan anyway. Look how much you did get accomplished! Enjoy!

  5. I love the little poem, Betsy. I'm still washing/drying my sheets so I can have a clean bed. Can't seem to get into a rhythm for that kind of stuff, so I wait & then it's too late, like the sweeping of the kitchen floor. Oh boy, the tasks are a long list, aren't they? I like that you wrote instead of laundry-much more fun.

  6. I had a "meant to" day too! I wasn't sure I was going to slice today either, but feel really good that I did. The things on the list will always be there- just be celebrating what you did do!

  7. My day was full of meant tos as's all good right? No worries! Thanks for sharing! Love the phrase...meant to!

  8. Life is full of those meant to's. we need to look at the I did's and be satisfied. I think you did. It is enough.

  9. Sounds like you did just what needed to be done. I love how your yard is still sticky...very clever. Jackie

  10. It seems like we are constantly prioritizing the tasks facing us each day. I like your choices!

  11. Oh, I love the contrast between a meant to and a meant to be. I'm so glad Stacey linked to you today. Just subscribed : ) Lovely post.


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