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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Not the picante sauce; though if you know me, I always love something spicy paired with a chip.


Everything has one.

Do you know your pace? I don't yet.

I need to understand it better. I need to focus on my pace. My pace with writing. My pace with teaching. My pace with learning. My pace with everything. Everything has a pace and I am going to put my attention on this very idea. My One Little Word (OLW) of 2013 will be Pace. I will remember that everything has a pace and I will not rush myself. I will only push when I need a push and hope that others push me too. I don't need to be fast. I don't need to be quick to answer. I don't need to be rushed to listen. I can pace myself. I can do this. I can wait and see what's coming. I can patiently watch my pace.