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Thursday, January 3, 2013


Not the picante sauce; though if you know me, I always love something spicy paired with a chip.


Everything has one.

Do you know your pace? I don't yet.

I need to understand it better. I need to focus on my pace. My pace with writing. My pace with teaching. My pace with learning. My pace with everything. Everything has a pace and I am going to put my attention on this very idea. My One Little Word (OLW) of 2013 will be Pace. I will remember that everything has a pace and I will not rush myself. I will only push when I need a push and hope that others push me too. I don't need to be fast. I don't need to be quick to answer. I don't need to be rushed to listen. I can pace myself. I can do this. I can wait and see what's coming. I can patiently watch my pace.


  1. Hey Betsy!
    I was wondering if you'd post a OLW this year! As you go at your PACE, hope you have a great New Year! You are always inspiring me!
    Thanks for sharing your thinking about pace!
    It made me pause and think too!

  2. Isn't it good advice to 'go at your own pace'? It's a terrific word, Betsy. Hope it's one that will be good to live with all the year. Happy New Year!

  3. Pace is a fine word. We all need to find our own rhythm. And pace is more than that. Sometimes we need to pace ourselves and not go all out when we can; we know that that energy is needed for something else.
    Happy to be your newest follower.

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