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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Bits of Sunshine

You know that feeling when the sun hits your face and it has been days or weeks since you felt it?

Isn't that the best feeling?

What other little parts of life give me this feeling:

My daughter's sparkly eyes
My husband's warm hugs
My son's silly giggle
My student's excited smiles
My colleagues' good morning greetings
My mother-in-law's daily positive Facebook status
My blog comments :)

Each one of these little moments, as they present themselves to me, give me that warm genuine good feeling. What little bits of sunshine did you feel today?

Write your own little slice of sunlight today and share it with the SOL community at Two Writing Teachers with Ruth and Stacey. Your words might be just what they need.


  1. I love this slice! We all need sunshine right now here in Michigan. The gray and gloom have taken over and after a while they start to seep into other aspects of life. Thanks for sharing some bits of sunshine with us today!

  2. Your slice gave me the sunshine I needed today. We've got unplowed roads and our vacation week was taken back on account of Hurricane Sandy. Spring is right around the corner!

  3. Thanks for sharing your bits of sunshine...what a lovely way to look upon the blessings of one's day.

  4. Love the way you began this post, having us reflect on "that feeling when the sun hits your face and it has been days or weeks since you felt it?" I'm going to think about all the things that make me feel this way! Lovely!

  5. I agree with Robin, sunshine is needed in Michigan! But today, my need of sunshine was fulfilled by your post! Thank you.

  6. Such a clever post today. Sunshine does give me energy, just as your words did.

  7. Your list is filled with ways you connect with important people. What could be warmer than that? I love the metaphor! Healthy meals are rays of sunshine in my days. Is it bad that I look forward to dinner all day?

  8. Warmest thoughts of all, Betsy. Thank you for sharing your sunshiny links. It is such a nice feeling to feel those rays! Mine are simply smiles, from anyone and everyone.

  9. Thanks for the reminder. Your appreciation for your mother-in-law's positive status makes me miss my always positive dad!


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