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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Bobby Pin

I've been looking for small things all day. It all started with a bobby pin. I had one but I needed one more. I searched. Each place I looked I was surprised that there wasn't at least ONE bobby pin.
I gave up.
Then I looked again.
Gave up again.

To be continued...

The search for small things went on. I noticed that one of my students who has had a very difficult couple of weeks looked brighter today. I pointed this out to him and told him how happy I was that he was happy today. A once small smile grew big. I was proud of him.

I have been working daily with a small group to recognize and supply rhymes. It has seemed impossible but today three of the four did it and I'll get that last one yet. :)

I was looking for something on my desk and found a card with a small hand drawn heart and the word love written inside. My eyes ached as I held back all my tears.

I can't find any small way to process the events that occurred last week. I am reminded of the fragility of life when I take the small hands of my kindergarteners and lead them down the hall.

I've been searching for my one little word of 2013. I haven't found it yet...but...

I did finally find a bobby pin. In fact when I went and looked the last time I found a whole package. Sometimes when you are searching for something, even a small thing, you get more than you expected.


  1. Lovely analogy, Betsy. I found myself wandering during the weekend. I was supposed to be unpacking more boxes, & really didn't do much, moved from room to room & watched tv. It was a long weekend. Being with children on Monday was helpful, although inside I was still sad. I'm glad for you that you found some 'little things'. Have a Merry Christmas with all your family, and a good & restful break!

  2. I, too, loved your analogy. I read this last night, when I couldn't sleep (but was in bed and couldn't leave a comment easily with my iPhone). I was so moved by your writing.

    None of us are able to process this tragedy. I don't know if time will heal this wound.

  3. This is lovely. Really, a reminder - just do small things, and savor them. We'll feel better in time. You noticed so many beautiful things, thanks to that one small bobby pin. Lovely. Love that you wrote through your sadness, wrote about your sadness. "...reminded of the fragility of life when I take the small hands of my kindergartners..." I so understand; I have been so aware of this with my preschoolers this week. May you have a beautiful holiday/break with your family.

  4. Betsy,
    This is so beautiful. I think you wrote a poem, maybe without realizing it?

  5. I love this Betsy. I'm not sure how I missed this post! It is moving and beautiful and so very true. The babies that parents trust us with are so special and even when the road is tough it's easy to remember that they are precious. We are lucky to be able to spend our days with little ones.


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