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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Slicing a Story

I bet you thought this would be hard. And, you were probably right. The past few days have been harder for me, but there is always something. You see it somewhere. You find a moment of your day. Your whole life is a story full of chapters worth telling. I hope through this experience you discovered a little more about yourself and I hope you found that you are a writer. That you are worth sharing. That you are enough to have a story. Don't forget it. Don't stop. Keep telling.

I notice and look
My surroundings are clear
Moments and parts
Seed stories appear
Out of the blue
Some sad some of glee
Slices of life
Are waiting for me

Thank you to Ruth and Stacey for continuing to foster a community that has helped me grow as a educator, person and writer. Hope to see you here again on Tuesday. 


  1. Seed stories do seem to appear more and more frequently as the month progresses. I love how you write that slices of life are waiting for you. How true!

  2. Life is a story, if only we stop to realize that it is one worth telling. Thank you for putting into words exactly what this challenge was all about - opening our eyes to the stories waiting to be told all around us.

    Take Care & Enjoy Spring!

  3. So much is in the noticing.
    And yes, it was great to discover that the idea "I don't have time to write" was mythical.
    :-) Thank you.

  4. Love and am thankful for the encouragement and genuine responses. There is a rhythm to writing when we make time for it--like running or cooking vegan. It was a month of forging new habits. The time flew!! I'm introducing a poetry unit tomorrow when we return from spring break--your post is a fun way to get back into the game.

  5. Betsy,
    Thinking that seed stories appear out of the blue is so true for me. It's been more so this second year than it was the first year-maybe because I notice more? I enjoy reading your poems...
    See you on Tuesdays!

  6. Thanks for sharing. Stories unfold around us all the time, but we don't often notice it. What I like about Slice of Life is how it allows (forces) you to gaze at the world through a different lens -- the small moments that have larger significance.

  7. I look forward reading more of you seed stories as you definitely notice the life around you.

  8. I have been looking closely, but looking back. I hope to move eventually to looking at today with openness.

  9. Well said well written... it is amazing how even when it seems impossible...there is something from our day worth reflecting and writing about!

  10. Lovely that "seed stories appear". It's a perfect beginning for poetry month, too, Betsy. Thank you for the special words today!

  11. You are an inspiration for me. What a lovely poem to sum up the slicing experience.

  12. All you say is so true. I noticed, each day, new stories...pieces of lives...some poetic...some raw with pain and others light and funny. I feel like I have gotten to know new people...and hope to continue the writings on Tuesdays. Jackie

  13. Slices of life are waiting for me...such a great line! It's hard to believe the month is done! I look forward to more words from you - see you on Tuesday!

  14. "Seed stories appear" and then germinate. We all get to see those flowers bloom. Lovely reflection, Betsy.

  15. What a great way to end this challenge! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I LOVED this. You make this seem so easy, so flawless, so real. Thank you Betsy.


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