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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pushing My Pace

My One Little Word (OLW) for 2013 is Pace. I found myself thinking about it yesterday as I was outside running.

When I first began running this winter my purpose was to help myself reflect, to push myself and to work through my inner dialogue. I set a goal, achieved it and now have set a new one. I have let others inspire me to get better and keep going.

Yesterday was particularly gloomy in Michigan. Almost no sun. Gray in every corner of my gaze. My son wanted to run with me yesterday. Hmmm, I had planned on doing five miles and knew that wouldn't work for him.

Me: "How far do you want to go?"
E: "How about 2 miles?"
Me: "Okay. Get ready."

We went out. It was cold, I think in the 20's, but if we kept moving we would warm up. We reached a half mile.
Me: "How you doin'?"
E: "How about 1 mile?"
Me: "Sure thing."
He was cold and in his boyish curiosity had dunked his foot into a huge pothole full of muddy water. That could not be comfortable.

So, we turned around. I dropped him off and I decided I would keep going. I was calculating in my head how far I would need to go to reach 5 miles for the day. I got my music going and I was ready. I felt good. I had warmed up. It was still gray everywhere I looked but I could start to see beauty in the grays that surrounded me. I felt alive.

I was at mile 3 or so.
I turned around. Again assessing my calculations.

My thoughts: "If I go just a little further past our neighborhood I would probably be a half mile from home and that would be about 6 miles. I shouldn't do that. Maybe I should. I feel good. I should do that. Today is a good day to push myself past my comfort zone and go."

I went.
I went 6.2 miles.
It was the day to push my pace.


  1. I can just see him putting his foot in the pothole.

  2. Wow! Way to go Betsy! You have pushed that word pace up a notch in your running. It was so sweet of your son to run with you. I loved the way you described the day "Gray in every corner of my gaze." What an image it created in my mind!

  3. I recently began running again, but because of cold air triggering my asthma, I have been on the treadmill. I thought that would feel stifling after falling in love with running outside. There is just something about moving, about keeping pace that feels good. I love that you found space for your son to run with you and for you to have your free brain space time too. It is good for the body, mind, and soul!

  4. My post today was about the OLW project as well. My word is Brave. I love your word PACE. I ran\walked with my daughter on Saturday. Keep up the pace.

  5. Before you know it, he will be able to stick with you for 5 miles and then one day, he will probably outrun you - wont that be fun?

  6. Six miles? Wow! That sure is pushing your pace!

  7. Awesome! I'm impressed that your son ran a mile with you and that you ran 6 miles! Way to go! And as Lori said above, I can totally picture his little foot splashing down into that pothole!

  8. That's awesome! Way to pace yourself and push on!

  9. I am impressed! Running has never been my forte. But even more, you get to run with your son. Definitely a moment to treasure.

  10. Wow! Good for you! And here I was happy because I did 40min on the rowing machine. You've inspired me to push farther tomorrow.

  11. Awesome. After a run like this, don't you feel like you can do anything? The world is within your grasp!

    My son LOVES to ride his bike with me when I run. He can keep up and we can go several miles together.



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