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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rock Dreams

A rock is dreaming
deep below
waiting to emerge
erode, explode.

It dreams of touching
billowing skies
stoically wise
towering high.

But for now
it waits down deep
sleeping by
its grandad's feet.

It was getting later and later this evening. Kids were finally in bed, not sleeping, but finally I had time.
"I haven't written my slice. I've done very little commenting today. Haven't barely checked my email to see if anyone needs anything in the slicing world, aaah! Okay, breathe. Look at your list. You made a list for days like this. Go to the list."
I went. Um, there were like three things on my list. Did I think I made a list, cause three things doesn't really offer a lot of slicing choices. However, one of my ideas for a slice was a peek in my notebook. So I went to my notebooks. I have two that are my faves right now among the four or five that I use. There it was. A poem I wrote in January. A cute poem. I knew I could fix up a bit. Hmmm, want to teach my kids about revision, maybe I will take this in tomorrow to share with them too. I crossed out, moved words around and smiled. Yep, it's done for now, but writing is never really done is it? I kinda like that.

Turn your head sideways to get the actual peek. :)


  1. Have you ever thought about writing a book of poems? You are quite talented, and I find myself looking for your post each night. If you haven't thought about writing one, you really should!

  2. I fell in love with your picture. As they say, it's worth 1000 words. I would have been satisfied with that alone. But I'm so glad you included the poem too. Awesome! Will you slice about the revision lesson tomorrow?

  3. Betsy, Lindsay is so right! You should collect your poems into a book! I too, look forward reading your daily posts!

    1. Meant to tell you that I was sharing about your blog with our kindergarten teachers this afternoon!

  4. Your poetry is wonderful. When my son was very little, he loved rocks and his favorite book was Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor. Thanks for this entry.

  5. I too loved the picture, but I also love the poem, and that final line, "sleeping by its granddad's feet". Terrific Betsy! And great to hear you're going to share with the students.


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