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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Am

I am a list maker
I am a sun seeker
I am a sand lover
I am a spring waiter
I am a snow runner
I am a bird watcher
I am a kid hugger
I am a star wisher
I am a heart chaser
I am a story maker
I am a only I am


  1. Betsy - I love this poem - I, too, am a bird watcher and sun seeker. I'm excited to see and hear the birds outside today. I think spring will be here soon!

  2. I like this list poem. I think I'll try that out ... and you might just have given me the inspiration for what type of poems I'll write for April. Thanks!

  3. I always love seeing poetry since it is a less-comfortable genre for me. It is always inspiring to see the possibilities and to receive inspiration through other slicers. It was also fun to catch quick glimpses into your identity.

  4. You are a wonderful person, a story maker and a poet.

  5. I will join you in seeking the sun and watching the birds, however we can not do these things at the beach. Not a big sand lover.

  6. I love this poem. It is such a simple format but really powerful to share who you are. I can see this type of list poem being quite a fun thing to do with middle schoolers. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. What a great list - you captured the essence of you!

  8. I love line: "I am a sun seeker."
    It reminds me that spring is surely coming and bringing brighter days with it!

  9. Yes, you are all of those things and so many more wonderful things too. I enjoyed this poem and might just try it out myself! Thanks for sharing a little slice of yourself today, my sun seeking friend.

    PS - when you find it, please share it?

  10. Enjoyed your list of telling us who you are. I did something similar today also. It's fun getting to know more about our fellow slicers. We finally found the sun today - hope it continues to shine.

  11. Love your "I am" intro - simple to replicate. Thanks for sharing!

  12. What a powerful piece --- thank you for sharing this with us! This might inspire me to try a poem some time this month....I'll keep you posted!

  13. Oh, I like this, on Dr. Seuss' birthday, could be a wonderful picture book-love that last line!

  14. Ooooh, I agree with Linda, yes, a picture book! Oh my, wouldn't this be fun to use with kids. I'm stealing your idea Betsy. By the way, my favorite as "star wisher."

  15. Betsy,
    I enjoyed your poem. What a perfect mentor text this would make! I enjoyed learning a little more about you as well.



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