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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Day Light Slice of Poetry

 The Poetry Friday roundup is hosted by Jone at Check it Out. Stop by to get your poetry fix!
 Slice up your life and share a piece with the Two Writing Teachers, Stacey and Ruth!

A      DAY      LIGHT

Light breathed her breath
on me today
I felt her warmth and stare.
Her fire held me
burned my eyes
and blinded me with glare.
She kissed my cheeks
and held me close
light wrapped me up today.
She whispered
“You will be alright”
and sent me on my way.
She left me there
To be alone
I bravely turned,
“but wait…”
I looked behind
to see her poised
she raised her hand to say,
"Keep going now
you are the light
go shine, be not afraid.”
So there I went and feared no more.
So there I went and stayed.


  1. Wonderful sound in this poem.

  2. Wow very very nice . . . such imagery loved it!

  3. I love the personification in this poem. I expect light will breathe her warm breath on me today. Can't wait!

  4. Betsy, just a beautiful idea to personify light. Wow-I love the 'story' of it, sending you on to face anything, & the rhythm is very like some of Emily Dickinson's poems. Just great!

  5. Liked the ending, "you are the light" -- uplifting and full of hope for things to come.

  6. I love the sound and rhythm of your poem. My favorite is the end... There I stayed.

  7. I love the lines, "Keep going now,
    you are the light" - almost like she 'tagged' you and sent you on your way to do the same.
    I am also thinking about how much I am enjoying how much more sunlight there is to enjoy, with spring/summer coming and daylight savings time in effect.
    Lovely poem. Thank you!

  8. Spreading joy like spring sunshine.

  9. Lovely poem- I especially liked the entrance line, so welcoming and joyous.

  10. Wow, amazing images in this poem - very moving. Thanks for sharing. =)

  11. I can feel the warmth of sun on my cheek!

  12. The personification here is lovely. You made me want to try one now too. Ruth needs to save this one; it suits her one little word perfectly!

  13. I think I've already asked you this, Betsy, but I don't think I ever got a response. Have you ever thought about writing a poetry book? You are absolutely inspiring, and I look forward to reading your posts. Please consider having your voice heard by more people by compiling your inspiring words into a book. :-)


Thanks for the comment love!