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Tuesday, June 10, 2014


At dismissal today we all sat in a line waiting for the buses to pull up. I looked at the row of students. Over half of them were reading while they waited. It gave me a bit of joy at the end of a long day to see them reading. A time when they don't really have to read. They just wanted to.

Yesterday, one of my students said to me, "Mrs. Hubbard, feel my backpack!" I get this a lot being a first grade teacher. Kids are always wanting me to feel how heavy or light their bags are. I lifted her bag and almost dropped it to the floor.
"Kaylee, what on earth do you have in here, rocks?"
"NOoo! Look inside!" she said with a grin the size of her head!

I opened her backpack, mind you a little afraid. It was really heavy. Inside were at least a dozen books. She started laughing like she couldn't get the giggles out fast enough.
"I told you it wasn't rocks!"


  1. What a great image of a happy reader!

  2. Not rocks! That's GREAT news!

  3. And an avid reader is born...

    Love this Slice!

  4. That is pure joy to my teacher heart. Yippee...

  5. Hurray for readers! And what a great picture for her family to enjoy!

  6. Love those readers! What a happy smile!

  7. Being a first grade teacher myself, I can totally relate to the wonderful feeling of seeing them read - on their own and (better yet) for themselves because they want to!
    I remember hoisting backpacks too, when challenged to see how heavy or light they were. Isn't first grade just the best?!
    What a wonderful picture to celebrate the year!


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