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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Have You Asked a Friend?

Well, I did it. Yesterday I sent Stacey's post to my entire staff. I hope they read it. I hope they realize there is a writer inside of them. So far I have only heard crickets and one, "you wish." But I think the wisher may come around, crossing my fingers.
What do I wish? Well, I wish everyone could experience what I experience when I write. How I have evolved as a result of being a writer and reader of other's writing. Cross your fingers with me that some closet writers get on board and experience this evolution as well.
Have you invited a friend to slice? I hope you will.
I remember encouraging my friend Robin of Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders to join. She jumped in, all in and I have seen her grow as a result. Not only as a writer but it has brought us closer as friends. It is so nice to experience this challenge with someone else, even better when they are down the hall from you at work and you can say things like, "Did you read Linda's post today?" or "Did you see the comment from Elsie?" I also remember how excited we would get when Stacey or Ruth would post a comment to our blogs, a moment when we felt a little bit famous. :)


  1. That is funny - I have experienced that "thrill" when someone who I think is important has commented on mine. I am trying to encourage someone to join but everyday in March might be a bit much for her...look out summer!

  2. I'm so glad you encouraged me! You are right, it's been life changing for me as not only a writing teacher, but as a person in general! I hope your email touches a few more people on staff. I'll keep doing some positive peer pressuring!

  3. I am hoping that this year (not sure about March yet) someone from my circle will join the blogging world! Maybe a teacher.....It would be so much fun to share those comments and blogs with someone who is familiar with them! I tried to encourage the #finnedchat people to join our blogging community as well!

  4. Thank you for the great idea of sharing Stacey's blogpost with your entire staff - I'm going to do the same! I know my colleagues have so much to share - and there is a writer in all of us!

  5. Like you I want to share this experience. I am sharing the slice of life idea with my 5th grade writing students. Crossing my fingers the set up will go smoothly.

  6. Yes, I have encouraged (begged) a friend to join in, but no response yet. They just don't get the connection made through the written word. I know I didn't until I found a voice to talk to other writers. I know that feeling of "Oh, look who commented!" I don't think my husband quite understands who these people are when I tell him. Good luck getting your staff on board.

  7. I didn't see Stacey's post until today, but I am planning to send it out tomorrow with a personal invitation to some friends that I want to nudge into doing the challenge. Now you are making me think that maybe I will send it out to the whole staff too -- great idea!
    I just hyped slicing with my students today and invited them to jump in on Tuesdays in February to gear up for the challenge. One who did it last year squealed with excitement as soon as she saw the words "Slice of Life" up on the projector! :-)
    By the way, I still get excited when Ruth or Stacey leaves me a comment! I'm glad I'm not the only one dorky enough to feel like that!

  8. I love that this world of blogging encourages me to write and shows me all the possibilities. Hoping that I'll be able to invite someone else into our world!

  9. I have one who'll be here, and with his class, too! It will be fun to talk about what we read and enjoyed. My other colleague (who started with me) is in the midst of her own huge writing project, so I don't think she'll be able to make it, but she'll be reading at least! Maybe I'll send out Stacey's post like you did, Betsy. Maybe there's a hidden writer I don't even know about! Thank you! So happy to have you & Robin around!

  10. I'm glad you started writing. And I'm glad you are encouraging others to do the same. It is one of my most favorite things to do in the world -- help others to know their stories matter.
    Happy writing,


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