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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Terrors of the Night

My son is nine going on ten. He has night terrors and tonight by far was the worst of them. It is like watching your most precious piece of china burst into a million pieces. Falling in every direction chaos ensues and you are helpless. There is no where to walk, you might cut your foot. The broom is on the other side of the room and you can't reach it. You become anxious wondering when you will be able to move again because you are paralyzed by shards. There is no moving from the moment. There is only chaos. Until light breaks in and you see a path. You walk it to find a clearing and all is right again, as though the china never broke. As though the moment never happened. And you begin to wonder, did it?


  1. That sounds awful for you both. Your helplessness is poignant in your voice. Carrying your the weight of your child's pain is like a cinder block chained to you in the pool. You want to help but can't always do anything.

  2. It's awful to know your child is going through something terrible and you can't do anything about it! But, you can always be there for support. Glad his shards found their way back together again!

  3. Poor Elliot! The broken shards capture the emotion of the moment. Hoping he outgrows these soon. :-(


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