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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shots...A Mommy Moment

I haven't posted a mommy moment in a long time, today seems like a good day for it!
Both of my children have appointments in the morning, well checks. That is also code for "shots." Ugh. My son, who when asked to draw a picture to represent each season in first grade drew a syringe for fall. He literally associates a flu shot with fall, it amazes me how much he gets wrapped up in the whole idea. The issue is he tends to think about the actual act, what will happen, how his body will respond where the medicine will go, all the details. My daughter, she is a bit more simplistic in her fear, "it hurts!"
We have already rehearsed what/how it will all go. We have pretended to give a shot, he yells "pickles," and it is all over (his new word of choice when frustrated).
I am just amazed at how I somehow got out of the whole ordeal, no school for dad tomorrow so he is on parent duty and the kids are getting to school late. I am definitely feeling the need for this long weekend and I think my kids and husband will too after tomorrow! PICKLES :)

I almost skipped the slice today, thanks to Elsie I was inspired to get some words down. Thanks to all of you who read, comment and share. I love the opportunity to read your words too.
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  1. Oh Pickles, you won't be able to go! I am sure you'd rather hear about it afterwards, right?

    I can't believe the thing about the seasons. How sad that he associates the fall with the flu shot. He'll outgrow that... someday.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I'm so glad you did decide to write. Lucky you to miss the doctor appointments and shots. Pickles - too funny. Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!

  3. Rehearsing those "events" is so wise - and what a great way for a child to conquer fear - Pickles!

  4. I love that he has a word for getting through frustrated/scary situations! So clever. Kid stories are the best. Thanks for sharing!

  5. We used to talk about things to do when frustrated in my class, but mostly it was actions-what fun to have a word. Pickles is great. I'm glad you wrote today, too; you certainly brought a smile to my face, so thank you. Happy 'after shot' Thanksgiving!

  6. Thanks for sharing; I'm glad you decided to slice after all! How funny that your son associates the shot with fall so much that he drew it as the symbol of fall! I also love the idea of having a word for frustration -- pickles is such a good and funny one! I bet the nurse/doctor cracks up when he yells it! :-)

  7. Pickles. That is hysterical. It is my new expletive of choice. ;-)

    Love your blog!



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