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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Kind of feeling like everyone might be feeling a little like this...or maybe at some point in your life you have. Such a busy time, busy thoughts, busy...busy. What more is there to say.

Two Writing Teachers Stacey and Ruth host the Slice of Life!

Slowing down my thinking
as words swirl in and pool
I drown in thoughts and feel their drag
as under currents pull

I will them to surrender
I wish them not to stay
I fight against erosion
but words don’t wash away

Their waves roll in like thunder
Though silent unto you
Like beating drums inside me
Vibration can’t undo

No fibers can divide them
No sun to dry them out
No better way to spite them
than better words to sprout


  1. I like the way you played with those 'word' words throughout the poem, Betsy. the waves, the beating drums, etc. Love this: I fight against erosion/
    but words don’t wash away Sorry it is a down time for you! Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. The rhythm and sound of this poem begged me to read it again and again.

    1. What a supportive group you are. Thank you for all the concern and care. I think we all get into those funks this time of year when we know the end is near and the "fun" of all those assessments and end of year wrap up are in full swing.

  3. Betsy,
    The tone of your poem seems sad yet reflective and hopeful too! Hope things get better!

  4. I also had to read this several times...because I enjoyed it. I love that even though there are rough roads there is also hope and growth at the end. May there always be sunshine...

  5. Words are so powerful and what a joy it is when the better words sprout. And they will...

  6. Summer is almost here. May it lead to long days of laughter, carefree lifestyle, and sunshine!


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