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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Little Lights

I am lucky enough to loop with my students to first grade this year. I am truly excited to see each of them again. I know it will be a challenging year, much like last year, but the layers of foundations that have been laid will be such a benefit.
I've been thinking a lot about light lately. Inner light. How it shines and illuminates. How it breaks up the darkness and shows us the day. Even if you can't see light you can still feel it and experience it in different ways. I've been thinking about my light, my inner brightness and the brightness of others.
My little class is like a bundle of stars lighting up my day.
I hope you will slice today and chalk on the 31st. Chalk-a-bration is fast approaching and it is a chance to share your light with others!


  1. Your light shines BRIGHT, Betsy! They are all little lights. Love that vision. How exciting to be looping too!

    I love reading your thoughts and words -- and poetry too.

  2. We do a light celebration at our school at the holidays-so many celebrate different holidays so using light is a way to include everyone. I love your idea of the little stars! And-Will be on vacation on Chalk-a-bration, Betsy, I'll see if I can post something? Maybe with my grandson?

  3. I love the idea of your students as little lights. They are such a diverse little group of kiddos...the light analogy seems just perfect. And for the record, your light is bright and strong, much stronger than many know. Shine on, my friend!

  4. As a teacher, I have never "looped," but I was able to experience this as a parent, when my son's teacher looped from first grade to was a fabulous experience for all of us! I am so happy for you. I love that you feel so much inner light and that you see your students as stars lighting up your day.

  5. I hope you are familiar with Kate DiCamillo's book, The Tale of Despereaux. It's one I read over and over and my kids quote. I've been thinking of you getting ready for first grade.


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