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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And It Blooms...

Happy sigh. That is my feeling after the first six days of school. When I looked back at my first days of school post from last year, I am relieved to be in the position I am today.

Here is that short and sweet set of words from so long ago:

September 4, 2012
Today came and I conquered.

Which basically means:
I survived.
I got everyone home.

I am still awake and it is after 8:00 p.m. 
I am asking, "How will I do this?"
I am answering, "Any way possible."

Onward to tomorrow.

Today, on September 10, 2013 I am in a different place. All of the above still exist. I got everyone home. I conquered the day and I survived. I also am smiling...BIG! I have looped with my kindergarten students to first grade. A class that is not just perhaps the most challenging group of students I have taught, but most definitely is the most challenging group of students I have had in my short twelve year career. As I enter year thirteen I am inspired by my students and their ability to jump right back in to the workshop. I look around and it is as if we never left. I see and smell victory as I watch students use their playtime to write. I hear the silence of the writer in my classroom and I beam. I feel their love and their hearts beat as they walk through their ideas and land on their feet. 
We are landing, we are growing and we are loving it! 


  1. Betsy, it's like a reward for the hard, hard work you persisted in doing last year! What a terrific feeling it must be! Congrats on a wonderful six days! (I do remember your poem from last year!)

  2. What a wonderful experience for you! I hope you have a highly successful year!

  3. Wonderful that you are looping with your class from last year. I think we need more of this :)

  4. I would love to loop I'll bet it is a wonderful feeling for you and your kiddos. Happy new school year!

  5. What a sweet poem. And how special you are with the same students.

  6. Love, love, love this: I feel their love and their hearts beat as they walk through their ideas and land on their feet. This whole post makes me smile! What a year you will have!

  7. Betsy,
    I am happy that you are happy! Have an awesome year! Hope you share more of your experiences with looping as the year moves on! Looking forward to your stories!


Thanks for the comment love!