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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I Can't Help But Think...

little fingers
shoes untied
fumbling hands
and sparkling eyes
smiles big
while some have tears
hugs for both
will steer the year
happy days
and bad ones too
here we go
we go to school

September 2nd is the day! The day little feet come walking in my door and we start a new journey together. I went from first grade back to kindergarten this year, so essentially that is like leaving second grade (end of first) and going back to preschool (incoming kindergartners). UGH! I can't say I'm not a little nervous but it will be like riding a bike. I will remember what to do and we will have a great year together, at least eventually. :)


  1. Seems like a perfect time to make the move now that there's more focus on pre-school thanks to NYC Mayor, Bill D
    Have a great start Betsy.

  2. Your words perfectly describe a new kindergartner! Smiles, tears and hugs - what a great moment.

  3. Have a wonderful start to the year Betsy and enjoy!

  4. The kids will make it so you forget you were nervous! Your poem perfectly describes the age at the start of school. :)


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