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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

For My Grandmas

I was looking today, for the elusive creamer that has us all wondering. I went to the box. You know which one. I looked. I took out each piece of fragile memories, unwrapped them, set them carefully down and moved onto the next. I looked in every corner and under every plate or cup where it could be hiding. I still didn't see it. So, to help the creamer live on in whatever box it is currently lying I wrote it a poem.

The Creamer

Lying dormant
in a box
I wonder about you.
Where are you?
You and your iris print
and herring bone pattern,
aged depression glass
textured in stripes
"Check inside the soup tureen."
I think she is telling me,
but I look,
a teacup lives there.
"Look in the tomato box."
I search and find her smell
wrapped in a tea towel
barely holding a sugar bowl.
"Did you move aside the pitcher?"
"Yes, yes I did."
"Look again."
I look, only to find a ladle.
I wonder about you,
missing your matching dishes
lying somewhere
wishing for some cream.


  1. Cute! I always pack boxes away for later, and then forget to label them. I've lost an entire box of DVDs (I want them back!) and many others items over the years. I sure hope your creamer is having fun, wherever it is!

  2. "I went to the box. You know which one." Those words spoke to me. I have that box, too, holding memories and treasures. I love your poem.

  3. Loved the way you were so specific in your memory of this buried somewhere creamer. Here's to finding it! Happy New Year, Betsy - so glad that we finally got to meet...and here's to another reunion!


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