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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


We have a busy day ahead, but I'm not worried.
My daughter's choir concert is tonight, her throat is dry, but I'm not worried.
My students have little time to finish holiday projects, but I'm not worried.
Our schedule is different every day this week, but I'm not worried.
Winter weather is on its way, but I'm not worried.
There's a rally tomorrow just miles from my house, but I'm not worried.
My husband keeps talking about getting a new dog, but I'm not worried.
My heart is beating, my lungs are working, and I truly cannot worry. 
Even if I have to fight the urge to worry.
I know, each day will happen regardless. 
Each moment will pass in spite of worry. 
Each breath I take will lead to another and I cannot worry. 
So, when I feel the tension in my eyebrows, I will exhale and soften my face.
When I hear my voice quicken, I will pause and calm my pace.
As each checkpoint comes to pass it will make a little space,
for calm
for grace
for gratitude
and I will embrace
the worry away. 

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  1. I certainly needed to there this on this busy morning. Beautifully put, wonderfully written.


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