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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Sometimes, Seinfeld.

Today was the first day of school with students. After many twists and turns over the summer, I landed in a remote kindergarten position. So, even though the rest of the face-to-face students were in class, and the first through fifth-grade virtual students met with their remote classes, kindergarten, as it always seems to be, was different. 

I taught kinder for more than a dozen years. I never thought I’d be back, but today I met a few in person for some pre-kindergarten evaluations and met another online for the same. I heard some letter names, colors, and even an “ I love you.” Kinders really are the best in so many ways.
I’m looking forward to more. We will all meet remotely starting next week. 

Even though my day was absent from the physical exhaustion of kindergarten, I’m still ready to decompress tonight. Lately, the way I do this is with an old favorite, Seinfeld. 
When I was in college, Thursday night was sacred for Seinfeld. Now, I can recite multiple lines, and I still laugh uncontrollably at the punchlines. It surprises me how much I remember. It is, for me, a great way to unwind and laugh.  


  1. I LOVE “Seinfeld.” I watched every Thursday night too. (I rewatched many episodes during my ninth month of pregnancy with Isabelle. It was such a great way to relive a favorite show!)

    Happy to hear you’re back at it with your Kinders.

  2. When confronted by change and challenges, It is interesting how often we seek a little solace in nostalgia. Like you Betsy, I am more than happy to revisit this iconic show from time to time.

  3. While I'm not sure I'd ever want to be in kindergarten again (I did a long term sub in the classroom), I can appreciate a person's love of the grade. I can also appreciate someone who can enjoy a good Seinfeld episode too!

    Here's to decompressing with laughter! :)

  4. I was always afraid to sub in kindergarten, but glad there are people who love the kinders. Sixth graders make my day. Just finished a book club meeting with two seventh graders. We're hoping to increase our numbers. I think my son has all the Seinfeld episodes. Maybe it's time for me to watch them again. Our world could certainly use more laughter.


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