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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Celebrating writing about my children today. Christmas trees. The season's magic. Growing. They are growing so fast. I found myself leaning up against the wall as I prepared my living room for a huge green tree invasion. My children, full of energy, began running in circles around the house. I wrote a poem about my son and I know I will treasure it.

I am treasuring the moments I had with my students this past week as we really dug into revision. Students enjoyed using a different tool to go back into their writing and really make it better. Can't wait to see this go further.

I am celebrating the #nerdlution with Chalk-A-Day. I am having so much fun chalking a little poem each day @Betsy_writes.

A new computer was cause for celebration this week. I can finally work on my, Where is Poetry? It's Everywhere, presentation for the Dublin Literacy Conference. Will you be there? I can't wait!


  1. Kids grow up so fast. I think it is great that you stop, observe and write to save these moments. There's always good stuff happening in your class, I love reading about it. Glad to know the new computer is working out. :-)

  2. Children are an endless source of inspiration! You will treasure your poem about your son for years to come! Definitely much to celebrate.

  3. I love the Chalk-A-Day goal for #nerdlution! I just followed you so I could see them!

  4. Happy you're paying attention to your kids growing-time does go quickly. Congrats on the Chalk-a-bration nerdlution-what fun it must be!

  5. Celebrating the season's magic - I'm right there with you. So glad you are making time to capture the special moments. They fly by much too quickly.

  6. Love your #Nerdlution and I didn't know you were coming to Dublin this year! So happy to get to see you again! Will you be at MRA too?

  7. Your first paragraph is a great celebration. The children grow fast. It's great that you capture moments with words. Your #nerdlution is truly a fun one. I hope you have equal fun getting ready for your presentation.


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