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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What Will You Bag Up Today?

a day
to end the year.
A day to review
with spirit and cheer!

I always say, "It's a short chapter." All those things that linger and nudge us to do better, those battles we fight, the moments of laughter; they are all short slices of life. However, they make up chapters of lasting memories. I look at today and I see snow falling, children playing, a day of possibilities ahead but it will all be over tomorrow. What will I do today to shape the next? I don't know yet! I hope celebration and happiness is in my future. Life is full of decisions and I find myself at the start of this day with many decisions ahead of me and many good times to follow.

I hope you will have many slices of happiness in this last day of 2013 and share them at Two Writing Teachers for Slice of Life.

My SOL today:
My day began with a discovery. The house was an icebox this morning. We had all slept in a bit and the heat was still in "leave" mode since we are not usually home on Tuesday mornings. I turned up the heat, turned on the coffee and prepared for a relaxing morning. I had to go downstairs to the basement for a moment to get something for my son when I realized something wasn't right. As I rounded the corner of the stairs there in front of me was a huge garbage bag ripped to bits with all its contents strewn everywhere! NOOOO! See, we have been doing a lot of cleaning in our basement: getting my writing space back in order, going through toys, papers, books all the things that accumulate in a space that doesn't get used the way it should. That is our basement. A dumping ground for lost things and things that need to get lost! But, there it all was again. Everywhere. My first thought, "WHERE IS THAT DOG!" My next thought...there it is (not the dog) but my year, all over the floor. Utter chaos spilled all over my basement of this and that. Here I was, picking up my year and putting it back into a new bag...a new bag. The old bag was torn and ripped with holes and many imperfections. The new bag, well it was shiny, bright, fresh handle ready to take all that garbage, baggage and battle left from 2013...I was ready to pack that up again. I had done it once but over time. Today I would bag up 2013 in one moment. One sitting. One bag that I will not leave in the basement but will take to the trash can and move on. So much good to celebrate from the year but there is always garbage that comes along. I hope you can take out the trash of 2013 today and focus on what you loved, how you loved and what doors are opening for you in 2014.


  1. I love this, Betsy, bagging up the trash of the old year and tossing it away. Here's to that idea...for the "good stuff" is still in its place, to be treasured and remembered, right?! Happy New Year to you and yours...even that naughty dog!

  2. YES! I join you in bagging up all the trash from 2013, and see what we accomplished that was positive. Happy new year!

  3. Here is to less garbage in 2014! Hoping to find a way to live 2014 with less "stuff" to throw out this time next year!

  4. "So much good to celebrate from the year but there is always garbage that comes along." How true this is!

    Hope you got everything under control, the house warmed, and your writing space in order.

    Happy New Year! (So glad to be working with you!)

  5. Bagging up the year again. Have a wonderful 2014 Betsy.

  6. I feel much of the same except I am bagging up decades as I clean out closets and such. It goes way to fast.
    Happy New Year!

  7. There is something exhilarating about new, fresh starts...even if it is a new garbage bag! Thank you for your part in keeping TWT going. Have a Happy New Year!

  8. "The old bag was torn and ripped with holes and many imperfections. The new bag, well it was shiny, bright, fresh handle ready to take all that garbage, baggage and battle left from 2013..." This part is my very favorite! Your words today were perfect and brilliant and such a good summary of my feelings at the end of this year. I hope you were able to bag up some of that old baggage and battle and get rid of it once and for all. I'm encouraged to do the same! Happy New Year my friend! I hope your new year is filled with happiness, confidence in making your decisions and hope, for the best is yet to come, I'm sure. Let your light shine!

  9. There was something in the words you choose and the scene you described that spoke so clearly to me. Especially this, the idea of having all the garbage wrapped up, packed into a bag over time, just to have it all exposed in an instant to be dealt with again. What a hopeful idea that it can all be scooped into a new bag and discarded once and for all. Happy New Year Betsy and much gratitude for the ongoing inspiration you share here!

  10. Love, love the metaphor, Betsy! I'll keep it in my heart, and in a black trash bag, ever open for more! This is one I'll keep, so despite the mess, thank your dog! Happy 2014, clean now!

  11. Your discovery translated into an awesome revelation for many. I, too, will bag up the old and toss out the parts that are no longer needed. Here's to a new year with lots of hope.

  12. Great metaphor. Sorry for the mess, but I like how you crafted a thoughtful slice out of it. Happy 2014!

  13. Great post Betsy! Love ridding the year of trash! I need to work on the same task...


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