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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Long Day

Today was the day that wouldn't end.

  • Four meetings eating every moment that I might have been able to breathe.
  • One meeting that had to be rescheduled because I completely forgot about it, probably because I had four others!
  • One grant, finally done and signed.
  • Items my son forgot to take to school delivered on my lunch break.
  • One student who went down a wet slide whose parents needed to be reassured it wasn't his fault for fear of him getting into trouble.
  • One student who never got off the bus today because she went to the gym instead by mistake and was missing for over an hour. We finally realized she was still in the building, THANK GOODNESS!
  • OH, and I had to teach of course!
Ah, done! I am now sitting here folding laundry starting a load of whites and getting ready to do it all over again. Hopefully with fewer people needing my attention tomorrow. One can dream. 


  1. There are definitely times when folding laundry seems like relaxing! Here is to wishing for a better day or less attention demanding day tomorrow!

  2. We've had a kid lost now & then, terrible time, & usually a silly mistake, but still... Glad you're glad to be folding laundry, a mom's meditation! Thanks for writing anyway!

  3. Betsy,
    That's quite a day you've had. Keep dreaming!


  4. Oh, Betsy, tomorrow HAS to be better! Good to hear from you, even on the tough days.

  5. I hope at the end of that long day you had a moment to breathe. I really believe it helps after those kinds of days. And I hope today has more open space.


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