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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Hardware Store

Do you ever see something and think, "Huh, I bet there's a story there?"

I've been making multiple trips to the hardware store lately. My husband took on a bookshelf project for me which, and as projects do, it turned into days upon days of tedious work. In my mind, since we were getting the boards cut at the lumber store, this was going to be easy peasy. I'm usually right about things (wink) but I should have known better.

I didn't take into consideration all the clamping, squaring, and precise thinking necessary for making a bookshelf. This bookshelf was being made to work in potentially any classroom in my district. The specifications were not on any plans except a grocery list paper with numbers written on it from June created by yours truly.

I knew it would take longer. NO biggie. But I didn't realize it would take over so much space in my anxious, school is almost here brain!

Now, the shelves are complete and ready to take to my classroom. I don't have the final pic yet, maybe that'll be next week when they are also covered in beautiful books. (It better be next week because kids are coming!) But on one of my many trips to the hardware store, I couldn't help but notice a beautiful splash of aqua on the newly re-surfaced parking lot.

Made me feel a little better about the uneventful trip number five to the store and I wondered, "What's the story there?"


  1. I look forward to seeing the final project! I really like how you structured this piece and how you circle back to your beginning question with the picture of that colorful splash of aqua. I'm wondering about the story that goes with it. I imagine it's been told at least once already, and perhaps accompanied by some even more colorful language. Great slice!

  2. Oh my! I know how you feel about worrying the shelves will be ready! I need to paint mine. It's been on the "to do" list all summer. Maybe I should paint them aqua! :)

  3. My curiosity has been piqued by the aqua marking. Please go back and find out the story!


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