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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Yesterday and Today

Back in July, my husband pre-ordered the movie Yesterday. He had thought it was available, it wasn't, so we waited. Both my husband and I are pretty big Beatles fans. Both our parents had many of their records, we listened as kids, and have enjoyed the music as the timeless treasure it is. So, naturally, when we realized last night that the movie was finally watchable (for who knows how long), we started it even though we knew we didn't have time to finish.

Spending the past 40 minutes today watching the rest, not only was it confirmed for me as an adorable, sweet, feel-good, and fabulous movie, it was also what I needed after a tiring day.

If you haven't seen the movie Yesterday, I won't spoil it for you, but the end made me get all the feels. It affirmed some things, and I just absolutely loved the way they chose to close this sweet story. It wasn't the most incredible movie I've ever seen, but it was the best movie I could have watched today. I'm so glad I did even on a busy school night. Time well spent before diving into my reading goals binder of notes to update, running records to log, and spelling inventories to analyze.  


  1. I love the Beatles! And I love movies based on music and rock bands! Can't wait to see this movie.

  2. Two thoughts. One that movie is beautiful. Your story makes me think about how we need to give ourselves respites from 'the work'. My husband and I spent Sunday having a lovely late summer day enjoying our company and forgetting about laundry and groceries and housework. He says we should do this more often. I offer you the same advice.

  3. I have to second Readingteachsu's comment. It was great to read a post about stepping away from work and enjoying a non-education-related, recreational activity. I'm setting a Netflix date with myself for the next few Saturdays!


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