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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Cycling Thoughts

I'm in the middle of some Professional Development modules for my "Back to School," requirements. My district's admin team put together several activities to mostly help us reflect and prepare. One of the assignments was to create answers to some prompts and reflect on what virtual learning was like in the spring and how it will change in the fall. I created this image (above) in response to, "The instructional improvements I am making for teaching virtually in the Fall are..."

I feel like that thought bubble is a very accurate representation of my thought pattern right now. I've been reading all summer long. All kinds of reading. Novels, verse, professional texts, articles, antiracist works, blog posts, the news, and now discussion boards for PD. I cycle through ideas that feel like genius, throw up my hands in frustration, settle back to the drawing board, read more, think more, and get more ideas. 

Even amidst all the uncertainty and frustration with reopening plans, changes, opinions, and idiocy at times, I am excited to start the school year. There is still a lot that is unknown to my school district. I don't know when I will actually be able to prepare for whatever happens. I do know that the day will come and until then, I guess I'll go back to reading. 


  1. Ugh...just the title of your post made me connect with your thought bubble. It is so difficult to hang on to our previous selves, but maybe that's what matters - letting go to let something new emerge. Thanks for sharing, Betsy.

  2. I am also feeling excited about the start of the school year, even with all of the other things going on around us. It's niece to know that others are feeling some positive anticipation as well. Good luck with the start of the year!

  3. Ummmm, you have a lot going on physically and inside of your head, Betsy.
    Text me anytime you need to chat!

  4. Yes - but this is learning isn't it. Maybe we all need to embrace not knowing, not being perfect, living in the moment. Maybe that is what we will learn from all of this. Maybe that is the silver lining. Maybe ...

  5. I think your thought bubble shows what is going through the minds of so many teachers. There is so much uncertainty with things changing from day to day.

  6. Your Bitmoji is so calm on the outside! Swirling thoughts on the inside!

  7. All the unknowns ... I, too, don't know how or what to prepare. I can relate to your cycling thoughts -!! Yet what solace (and escape) there is in reading ...


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