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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

In My Present Mind

Hmmmm...what should I tell you?
I've been reading a lot of verse poetry in preparation for a unit I'm writing for middle school readers and writers. I'm enjoying the work.
The rain has really cooled things down. It's been a hot summer, my favorite kind.
Fatigue from all that life is offering right now is thick. 
I passed my language arts certification test and can now teach middle school English if the opportunity arises. 
Our dog Cassie keeps growing. We are beginning to think she isn't what we thought she was, but it's hard to know. She'll be six-months-old tomorrow. 
I'm drinking my morning coffee at 6 pm today. I opted for tea this morning. Peach tea is delicious. 
Longing for a family routine, I'm finding it challenging to get everyone on board. 
I miss my mom and dad.  


  1. Thanks sharing whats on your mind with us. I have never thought to write mine down.I guess you felt as if you were being listened to. I will try that too.

  2. I like your collection of thoughts and activities, and your final, poignant thought.

  3. Writing down thoughts, all the different ones swirling in the head, is calming. No judgement. Acceptance of what is. Congratulations on passing the language test.

  4. I love posts like this because they are delightful in and of themselves, but (bonus!) also serve as a sort of storage space for seed ideas. You could take any one of these thoughts and write more if you wanted to. PS I'm with you on feeling that fatigue and missing family. Hang in there!

  5. Betsy,
    The last sentence got me in the gut. I've been thinking a lot about my mom and dad, both of whom have passed on. I've been writing a series of short vignettes based on my memories and I've been missing them a lot lately, too. Stay well.


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