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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Catching Breath

I'm working remotely from my students but report to school each day. I intended all day long on going onto the playground and swinging on a swing. In my virtual morning meeting with students, we all talked about what we planned to do outside today. It has been so unseasonably warm. I was sure I would take the time to go out. I knew I needed to just feel some wind in my hair. I needed that fresh air feeling. 
I never went. 
This is my biggest problem lately. Finding moments to just stop, play, and reset. Instead, I run around getting everything and nothing done. The difficulty in committing to things that are important to me is so challenging right now. My time is gradually whittled away and before I know it the day is over and I'm beyond empty. 
Here is to making an effort, tomorrow, to swinging on a swing. 
I hope I make the time. 

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  1. Here I am, writing to you the day after you posted. Have you planned time to swing? Maybe go right now! I'm having the same problem - the line, "I run around getting everything and nothing done" spoke directly to my heart. I have a student coming for online help in 5 minutes & when we finish I'll have 30 minutes before my next meeting. Maybe I'll go for a walk instead of running around. Here's hoping you swing!


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