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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Pens and Chocolate: A Happy Combo

I think most people who write, doodle, sketch, or draw all have one thing in common--they love pens. Now, I don't go crazy over pens, but I do love them. I like buying something especially unique for myself, but I really love buying beautiful pens as gifts. I gave my mom a blue agate designed pen earlier in the year. So pretty. 

During the holiday season, we had a couple of Zoom Christmas celebrations. We exchanged names with my husband's family, and everyone got a little something in the mail to open on the day we zoomed. After sharing some ideas over a big group chat, we all made our purchases and sent them on their way. 

It was fun to see everyone in their little boxes and chat. We opened gifts, and mine was some dark chocolate, a notebook, and fine-tip markers. It was perfect. 

The chocolate was immediately opened. I still have several pieces to enjoy. One of the delights of dark chocolate is one square is very satisfying and delicious. I indulged in one this evening. 

Those fine-tip markers are bomb-tastic too. I didn't realize at first that they can erase clean! Like completely erase with friction. Not only do I like how fine they write, but the colors are also pretty great, and if I want to, I can precisely clean up whatever I am working on. Fun and so fascinating too! 

I will need to keep my enthusiasm for the markers hidden though, I have several pen loving doodlers and journalers in the house, which could easily begin to swipe these beauties from my desk. So, for now, I'm only confiding in all of you how much I love them. To everyone here at home, they are just regular old pens. Nothing special. 


  1. Ha! There's something endearing about keeping this secret from your kids. It's such a little thing to revel in--the amazingness of pens--but those little things make a big difference in the day to day.

  2. Your secret is safe with us, Betsy. Those erasable markers are pretty is the chocolate!

  3. You better hope no one there reads your blog! And somehow, I think that if they did, you'd share your pens! Nothing like chocolate and fresh pens to inspires-- add some coffee and I'm right there with you!

  4. Chocolate and pens, two things I can get behind! The markers sound like a great gift, especially being erasable! The chocolate, that dark, is not a favorite of mine, however, I do enjoy a little lighter chocolate, even more so filled with caramel! :)

    Thank you for this sweet slice! :)

  5. I'm with you...LOVE new pens and markers! And I keep mine separate from the household stash...and with kids out of the house, I don't have to hide my chocolate stash anymore. :)


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