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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

All Happy

Sunday we arrived at our campsite. It was the afternoon, and we went back and forth on whether we should start down a trail. 
I’ve been counting the days until we’d get here. Even though I wasn’t sure we’d all enjoy ourselves, I knew I needed the trees, air, and quiet to reset my mind. 

Me, realizing I'm finally in the woods.

As soon as I stepped on a trail, I felt renewed. It was shocking to me how restored and calm I felt. It was joy. I forgot what joy like this feels like, and I was experiencing it for the first time in a very long time. That’s not to say joy has been absent altogether, but this most definitely felt different. 

I think my joy was different because we were all feeling joy at the same time. I'm grateful. 


  1. I think you captured the magic that is walking on a trail...even if it is familiar. It's just you and nature for those moments and that is special. Thanks for the images and reminder.

  2. I love these pictures and I totally agree -- going out into nature has renewed me in the past few weeks as well!

  3. I'm glad! Just getting away to somewhere beautiful can be a huge boost.

  4. Oh those words - "I forgot what joy like this feels like" - what a long hard year this has been! So glad that you and your family are getting much-deserved, long overdue time together in nature. So fabulous!

    1. I agree with Maureen. That line got me. Really got me. It has been a long hard year - and teachers have really stepped up and given so much. Hopefully with the weather breaking there will be more opportunity for some daily doses of "trees, air, and quiet."

  5. Oh so jealous...I am always ecstatic when I set foot on a trail to hike! :) Enjoy...

  6. Betsy, this sounds delightful. Nature has certainly been one of the champions of this pandemic. I'm glad you've had the time away. I hope that energy will help you with the last stretch of the year. (Loved the pictures! Joy for sure!)

  7. Loved reading and seeing your joy!


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