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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Morning Comforts

During my teenage years, my great-grandmother lived in a nursing home about thirty minutes from our home. Every Saturday, we would drive over to pick her up and usually take her to a town another thirty minutes east to see my other grandparents. We also usually got lunch and groceries. It was a busy day of errands and visits every weekend. It was also a lot of time in the car. 

One of my most comforting memories of this time in the car is sitting next to my great-grandmother. Often I would get tired and lay my head in her lap. She would gently smooth my hair behind my ear over and over again. It was so soothing. 

This morning I found myself remembering these rides from my childhood while sitting on my couch. It was dark in the living room, and my youngest, fourteen, was pushed up next to me, cradled in a comforter. I smoothed the hair from forehead to neck. Jane snuggled in tighter. None of us wanted to get up and get going this morning. It felt like a good day to just stay right where we were, let time stand still, and just relax in comfort. 


  1. What a special gift to pass along to your daughter, Betsy! There is nothing better than feeling truly safe and comforted by a loved one.

  2. This is totally one of my love languages, definitely because my mom used to do it to me. If someone pets my hair (in a non-creepy, very consensual way), I am one happy camper.

  3. What a beautiful memory from your childhood brought to light by the present-day snuggles with Janie.
    I tend to play with Ari's hair when he wakes up from a nap since Isabelle's is so curly. (There's nothing relaxing about having one's hair patted when you're a curly girl!)


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