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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Something for Me

Move 61%


Excercise 46%


Stand 108%


The rings. 

They really have me checking, thinking, planning. 

I'm really good at tracking student progress. I can take a note, type it, voice it, do anything with it, and use it for good. 

When it comes to tracking my own progress, I fall down a bit. I take some care of myself, but not enough, and this has been a year I've realized it more than ever before. 

My family got me an apple watch for my birthday. I hadn't wanted one until recently, but I love it. It's helping me to stop and take a moment to breathe. I've been told that will get annoying, but I seriously need the reminder. Stop--focus on yourself for a minute--you can--and you should. 

The rings, they push me to move more. Being a teacher on my computer all day, I'm actively singing, dancing, and interacting as best I can, but it's not the same level of activity I'd have if there were 20+ bodies in the room. Still, I manage to get some exercise points in there. 

What I'm also noticing is when I'm partway toward a goal (that's when a ring closes on the watch), I grab the leash, or run to the backyard to play chase, or drag a kid outside to hit the volleyball. I am doing better for myself, and although the watch seems a bit extravagant for me, I think it's doing the job I need it to do. 


  1. My kids (and husband) gave me a watch for Mother's Day in 2020. It forced me to pick up the pace on my walks so I could close the exercise ring. I'm constantly trying to close my rings. Closed all the rings today since I walked early before it got too hot. Usually I'm still working on ring closure at this time of day, but I've been on the run all day. You'll really enjoy it this summer when you have more time to be out and about.

  2. Love your insight about how visual evidence that you're within striking distance of achieving a goal pushes you to act--that is so true!


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