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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

One Last Practice

Back in March, my son had segment two of his driver's training program. Unfortunately, he also got a fever after the first of three classes and had to miss the rest. This was, of course, going to set back his timeline of getting his license the week of his birthday. One more bummer to add to the list for the year. 

The next possible time to take segment two was last week. He was able to complete the course, and his road test is tomorrow, followed by an appointment at the Secretary of State's office! He's a pretty confident driver, but parking has been a challenge at times. I'm pretty sure he has nearly perfected his backing in parking the past two days. 

We set off toward town today to try out parking a few more times and a few parallel tries too. It was also a good chance to practice entering and exiting on the expressway. The kid is ready. I'm so excited for him to reach this milestone. If all goes well, we will have another licensed driver in the house! 


  1. Fingers crossed! I just barely passed my exam, just before my 18th birthday. I hadn't felt any rush to get my license since I had a brother just older than me with a car who took me and my friends anywhere we wanted to go.

  2. Congratulations on this milestone. It makes a huge difference not having to be the family taxi. Asking them to pick something up from the grocery store is the best!

  3. Oooh! Betsy, I'm interested and anxious to hear how the driving test goes! And despite the nerves of having a teen driver, it IS wonderful to have another licensed driver in the house. It's made a whole HOST of things much easier. Fingers crossed that all goes well!


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