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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Spring Clean Preparation

I've been noticing things. 

I'm not a super-clean-everything-must-be-spotless kind of person by nature. However, I can get into that mode, and I most definitely come from that upbringing. 

The other day, coming up the basement steps, I noticed a line of dust on the inside of the door jamb. I haven't dusted here, I mean, honestly, I only dust what I see, so I have never dusted this spot. I also never noticed it until...until I did. This led to looking at the baseboards—the cupboards. Then the crevices in the windows and sliding doors. EW! So I did what any person would do. I went and watched a bunch of viral cleaning videos to get inspired! And, it worked. 

Well, I mean, I should say it inspired me to grab the Swiffer, take care of the dust and then immediately buy a Scrub Daddy, some Dawn Power spray, and a box of Magic Erasers. I'm preparing for a deep clean. I've even been protein-loading my meals to get ready. You might think all this preparation is somehow a way to delay or procrastinate since I have so much time on my hands for a few days. But you'd be...well, you'd be right. I really kind of want to lay around a little bit. I'm still kind of winding down because I have no lessons to create or Seesaw videos to watch and respond to. I think I'm in shock. soon as I'm done relaxing, binge-watching television, napping ridiculously, and sitting to sun myself in the backyard, I am destroying that grime on my baseboards. It'll be any time now. 


  1. You know what happens to me? I notice one thing that needs to be cleaned (last week it was the dish rack) and then it leads to a fit of cleaning for an hour until I get exhausted. There are many neglected parts of our houses, right?

  2. I love this post! I have made a loose list of stuff that I want to get done this summer but I refuse to make it a tight timeline because REST IS IMPORTANT. Living life is important. The unexpected gifts of each day are important. Any lying around a bit is well-deserved, after this school year we just survived. Thanks so much for these words!

  3. Why clean what nobody but you sees. If someone notices just show them where the cleaning supplies are. There are more important things than cleaning. Lessening that stack of TBRs so I can get new ones comes to mind.

  4. Betsy, everyone deserves time to rest. But then there are the to-do lists and cleaning is one of the tasks that no one in my house is fond of. Right now, I am surrounded by half-opened boxes in my new house. The study is my priority because I am hosting my 4-year-old granddaughter's birthday party on Saturday. I was shocked to also, like you, find some rather dusty spots in my new house but I would have never thought to watch viral cleaning videos. Maybe I should try that. Thanks for the humor you brought to my night.

  5. Betsy, enjoy the break! The cleaning can hang and wait some more. I smiled at your post. You do deserve some time not watching Seesaw videos. Haha! Protein-loading your meals is rich! Love that. All the best with the cleaning this summer.


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