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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sibling Bonding

Today’s adventure? Paddle boarding!
First—Anxiously await making the reservation. 

Actually, first you need to get your adolescent selves up at 7:45 and eat a little food. 
Second—Sign out two boards. Then get your paddles and jackets! 

Third—Unlock your boards and get psyched!

Fourth— Down to the water we go! 

Fifth—Get balanced and ready for a some quiet lake time. 

Sixth—Enjoy some sibling bonding. 


  1. The last photo is a picture of peace and family love. I am happy for you and the kids for having this time.

  2. I like that you chose to tell your story through both words and photos.
    You make me realize that this should be offered more as an option in writing workshop.
    I may use this as a mentor text!

  3. So beautiful! With such little words and perfect pictures, you capture the emotions of a mom as well as the children. Sometimes they need to be alone, without parents, to appreciate each other as well as the peaceful lake! Love it!!

  4. Love this photo essay! Two kids having such a great time on vacation! It is always so joyful for families, to witness siblings so happy together!!

  5. That’s a fantastic video and so very much like the two kiddos. One quietly hopped up and did his thing, one hopped up a little more dramatically. ;) I love everything about this!

  6. The sibling bonding and that view on the lake... both are priceless!

  7. Love the visual story telling!


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