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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

A Green Book

Today I grew the biggest smile. 

I was at my desk while students came in and out, getting things around before school. One of my quieter students came in and handed me a book. It was an older book, yellowed pages, a dark green cover. It had a used bookstore smell. As I handled the book, I wondered what it was for. 

"Is this your book?" I asked. "It looks like a book of poetry."

"It's for you. I bought it for you this weekend."

I don't even know what my face did at first because I was in full-blown shock. 

"It's for me? That is just the nicest thing ever, thank you."

He just smiled, absolutely content and happy with his gift.

As he left my classroom, I couldn't stop smiling. 

When my lunch break came around, I made sure to read a few pages. It's a beautiful book and one I'm looking forward to reading. 


  1. What a joyous moment. Someone left me their favorite book last week to read. These are moments to treasure.

  2. Sometimes the smallest moments hold the most meaning. I imagine the big smile will return often as you think of that moment.

  3. Is this one of your former lovelies from third grade or is this one of your new students? Either way, it's AMAZING and thoughtful.

  4. Wow! What a thoughtful gift from a student! Finding the right book as a gift for a reader can be a daunting task even for adults...your post made my librarian heart so happy this morning.


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